Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Boulevard of Destruction
On 7/16/16, I drempt 3 separate dreams that were inter linked.

In the 1st dream I drempt I had just arrived off a flight to Australia. A driver picked me up to give me a ride to my destination there, but it wasnt what I expected. He drove me to a remote part of Australia. I inquired of him where we were going. He said to not worry. It will be good.

As we drove, we went around winding roads with super steep mountains that were semi baren, but did have scattered trees. In the distance behind us I could see smoke and alot of smoke pollution from what looked like huge factory activity. They sky was also filled with massive grey dark clouds.

We arrived at our destination and was let into a house. There is where I entered into a house, but it was early morning and no one was awake. I then awoke out of this dream with thoughts that I would be stuck with a bunch of hedonists and not like my surroundings.

2nd dream, I was back at that house I was dropped off at and one by one people; husbands, wives, children as well as some single male adults came out into a central kitchen, dining, living type area to make food, converse and be about their day. I was then a newly entered part of this community living situation. It was nice at first. Everyone was happy. It seemed to be a joyous, healthy community. Then we went out front of the house and the entire neighborhood was walking the sidewalk in front of the house and everyone knew each other and there was great joy and happiness.

I then took a journey to try to find the city, but it was like all paths led back to that community. Then I re-entered the house, but this time, the husbands and wives were gone, and only the single males were in the house and they were saying how they lacked purpose and couldnt find a wife and had no money or a way of supporting a family. Then the scene switched and I was still inside the same house, but the young single men there, were saying how they would or might become gay or were gay. I was thinking to myself in the dream, oh no!

3rd dream, inside the dream, I had just arrived back from Australia and was in Philadelphia where I grew up. I saw people I knew. I was on Roosevelt Blvd in NE Philly and saw the school yard bully from elementary school. I waved to him and said Don't you remember me? He couldn't remember me, as though I was in an alternate time. I raveled off names of friends we knew, but he drew a blank. Then I was in a neighborhood where there was alot of kids partying. It was the height of the hedonism of the 1980s.

Then I was transported in time, back to Philadelphia, at the same Roosevelt Boulevard and there was alot of damage and construction equipment all along the Blvd. I asked a girl there why all this mess and she said it was because the person who had built this road, built it all wrong and it wound up killing alot of people.


These dreams are all interlinked and tell the story of why there are so many problems in the world today. I couldn't put my finger on interpreting these dreams until the last part, which tells the entire reason for these dreams, which is God's way of showing how because his church did not build properly and because society in general did not build properly, it has killed many people and have caused many more to live socially ill and destructive life styles.

The 1st dream in Australia took me to an ideal community, where no one was alone, everyone was happy and had all their needs met, but behind them in the distance was a factory and pollution and dark storm clouds that is part of the problem, which is the same as the end of the dream, building wrong in the greed of industrialization. God took me here to show me what life would be like if things had been built his way. This was his ideal plan, for us to live in community and with joy.

My journey to the city and re entry to the community was a time altercation, which led me back to that community, but now, instead of the joyous way it was, it was in the condition of present day social ill, where as, because of the world being built wrong, men have become dependants and are held in a false education system to not know who they are and how God designed them, so they are trying to be something they are not. Many men lack purpose, family, funds and what God intended for them to do and to be, so they wind up in an unhealthy life style of hedonism.

3rd dream, in Philadelphia, the city of "brotherly love", God choosing this city to address the hedonist homosexual issue; I'm seeing the hedonism of the 80s play out, then being transported to an alternate time to a spiritual reality being made physically manifest, Im seeing Roosevelt Blvd torn to sheds and informed that it was built all wrong and killed alot of people. The Roosevelt Blvd in this dream brings it all together. I'm shown how, because the road of life was build all wrong, it has led to the hedonism that has killed alot of people and has made them socially ill, with the domino effect of loneliness, familyness, anger. division, hardness of heart, greed, selfishness and a host of many other social ills that are taring down people, cities, resources and health, built on the Boulevard of destruction.

I awoke out of this dream and was reminded that because most of the church had built the road wrong, it has also helped in the social ills we see today. I think God gave me this dream to remind the church that its not built the way he wanted it and to not think herself or her religious organizations so highly, but to be humble and realize, don't go about building an organization you think is so good, because its not really built the way he intended, but rather help one person at a time to realize that God is, and wants to reward them, if they will enter into covenant with him thru the Lord Jesus Christ. To get on the path of life and not walk in the hedonism of the 80s, but to live in the Spirit and not in the fleshliness of modern day mass fool media sway. 

 Unless that is done and is the focus, they are building wrong and doing their own will and not building by the plans of the master builder, God himself. The root cause is because of their unbelief and the false education system that has tied to the matrix of lies that hold them captive to the Boulevard of Destruction, especially in Australia and the US. 

God help us to build by your plans and not in the idolatry of  our own paradigm of idealism, all of which will end in the Boulevard of Destruction on the day when you will judge the world by your Son, Christ our King, amen!

In Christ, Weather.